Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is done online via our website. After you register, an advance request form will be made available. Completing the advance request takes approximately 1 minute.

On average we take 24hours to approve or reject your commission advance request. If favourable and if you accept our conditions almost immediate after approval you will get your commission in the same day, or the day after the latest.  

No problem, as long as you are transparent with us. On the advance request form you will be asked how much you will be paid given a certain deal. Make sure you tell us how much you will be paid and not the total commission.

Most importantly you will have to send us proof that the deal exists. In most cases that is the promissory contract. Having said that in case you are advancing a deal that has already closed you should send the deed. If you want to send more documents or have any questions you can always speak with one of our agents.

Flexty always leaves a significant safety margin on the advanced amounts so that after the deed you still get something. In summary most of the difference between the advanced amount and your commission will be paid to you after the deed.

If the deed has been done and your office has been paid you just have to follow the normal process, as if no advance had been done. Your office will pay us directly on the back of your invoice. If you wish to pay back the advance request before the deed, you can do so by accessing your Flexty account and generating payment details.