Commission Advance Information for Managing Brokers

Flexty allows your Agents to gain immediate access to working capital to keep their business running smoothly throughout the year.

Best of all, you can offer Flexty with no liability to your Brokerage.

Improved Cash Flow for Agents Is Good for Brokers

As independent contractors, Agents operate their own small businesses. But gaining access to working capital to pay bills and invest in growth opportunities can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why Flexty developed an easy way for Agents to advance their future commissions. Here are a few reasons how our service benefits your Brokerage:

  • Stop Being “The Bank” – don’t complicate your relationships by being a funding source to your agents
  • Retention – solving cash flow challenges keeps your Agents happy and productive
  • Recruiting – attract new Agents offering a service to smooth out their cash flow
  • Control – commissions are advanced only after your approval
  • No Split Impact – advances are on the Agent’s net earned commission only, after split
  • Tax Deductible – the cost to advance is a deductible business expense for your Agents

No Liability to the Broker

In the unlikely event we advance a commission on a sale that falls through, the agent is asked to replace it using future earned commissions. As broker, your only responsibility is to direct any future commissions earned by the agent to Flexty. If no future commissions are ever earned or the agent leaves your Company for example, Flexty bears the risk of loss. The transaction is non-recourse.

A Flexty é um serviço fantástico… Absolutamente inovador e importante para a mediação imobiliária em particular para os agentes imobiliários.

Paulo Caiado

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Uma das maiores barreiras para lançar-se como agente imobiliário é o tempo que demora, este novo empresário, em gerar cash flow . O serviço FLEXTY apoia e suporta este período inicial difícil e torna mais fácil a decisão de converter-se em agente imobiliário

Manuel Alvarez

Presidente RE/MAX Portugal

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Our experience with Flexty has been very positive. It allows our agents to receive their commission as soon as they have a promissory contract signed, this is good as it allows them to sort out their personal and professional matters. I recommend, without caveats.

Luis Gomes

Broker Owner – RE/MAX - Riviera

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